Looking for a party that POPS? Call the Celebrations Bubble Time Bubble party to come to YOU! It's fun for all ages and makes a birthday party the most fun day ever! It's a blast for daycare centers, senior centers, grade schools and more. Just call 507-259-3191 It's good, CLEAN fun!

The Celebrations Photo Lounge Experience!

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"We had the photobooth for an open house event and it was a hit.  The props were so much fun and everyone got involved."

Beth Blanchard

“THE most innovative and entertaining addition to any event.  The service is great and the product they produce is a keepsake."

               Celebrations Photo Lounge

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So...what happens when you combine years of experience in the wedding entertainment business with years of experience in event planning, creative group leadership, and basic clownin' around???

The answer is...PHOTOSTRIPS with the Celebrations Photo Lounge and Photo Booth experience of Southeastern Minnesota!

The Celebrations Photo Lounge Experience of SE Minnesota provides a truly interactive and entertaining addition to any wedding reception, business event, party, or celebration. It promises an experience that will have your guests talking for years to come. We are truly committed to making sure your guests have a great time! Photostrips are one-of-a kind keepsake momentos that are RIDICULOUSLY fun for any event! We can personalize each photo strip with a bride/groom name, wedding date, special date of the event/celebration, business logo, or anything else you can think of!  Each photo experience stars your family, friends, and guests in a series of pictures acting just as serious or silly as they'd like to be! We supply a large selection of props selected especially for your guests and are glad to prompt them with ideas. Having FUN just happens to be our focus! (AND--not only is this fun for those having their photos taken, it also becomes an entertaining spectator sport, of sorts!)

Our open air photo booth of SE Minnesota allows easy access for all of your guests. It's wheelchair accessible and can accommodate a large group of people!

In case you are curious, here are some little known facts and amazing Celebrations Photo Lounge records we find worthy of celebration...

Youngest Participant (so far): 2 weeks old (and yes, he wore some crazy glasses! Can you spot him with his family in the picture to the left?)

Oldest Participant (so far): 101 years old.

Most People to pose together in the open air booth: 21.

Longest Photo Pose of Couple Smooching: 5 Minutes

(We had a line and had to cut them off.)

Best Celebrations Photobooth event/celebration ever: ALL OF THEM! (We love having fun with your friends, family, and guests!)

There is no "president" of Celebrations Photo Lounge, per se. However, you should be aware that when you book your Celebrations Photo Lounge Photo Strip event, it will most likely be hosted by  Heather and her trusty costumed Prop Cops. This energetic team takes pride in getting all guests involved in the photo fun!

Celebrations Photo Lounge is available for all fun events.  Please contact Heather at 507-216-1133 or via email at hweller2@yahoo.com. 

We look forward to learning more about your event and discovering how Celebrations Photo Lounge can add some laughter, smiles, and memories to your wedding receptions, parties, business events, and celebrations!

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